Cultivating vegetables in a ‘permaculture-inspired’ community garden at Rubirizi district near Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. Organisations such as the Uganda Conservation Foundation are looking for ways to better engage local people in conservation and tourism – here through growing vegetables for tourist lodges, so that they can benefit from protected area status. All to frequently jobs and income from tourism and conservation fails to filter it’s way to local communities – sometimes leading to resentment. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
Poet Lemn Sissay gives an animated reading of his poem ‘Let There Be Peace’ at the British Council in Addis Ababa. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
‘Los chunchos’ during the festival of San Lorenzo, Tarija, Bolivia. This weird and wonderful religious festival, which takes place in August every year, is thought to celebrate devotion to the Patron Saint and commemorate a battle between settlers and indigenous people in the 1578. The devoted participants in the parade – los Chunchos – are all male and call for good health. The elaborate costumes seemingly represent the outfits worn by sufferers of contagious diseases in the past, who used to visit the town, and nearby Tarija, from nearby leper colony during times of drought – their faces covered – in search of food and water.
The reader. This clergyman contemplates outside one of Lalibela’s rock-hewn churches. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
Agir is one of the star workers at Limalimo lodge in Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains. She grew up and lives just yards from the lodge, an example of how well-planned eco-tourism can benefit local people in rural areas. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.

Cholitas dance during Gran Poder parade in La Paz, Bolivia. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.

Prossy is a primary school teacher in Uganda. Taken on assignment for Cotton On Foundation.
Skilled Ugandan vets and rangers dart male rhino Augusto in order to administer first-aid to wounds, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, 2018. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
Conservation is a team effort – Karaire is responsible for maintenance at Ziwa Rhinio Sanctuary, Uganda.
Keepers bottle feed baby elephants at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
Thousands of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians gather in a park in Addis Ababa to celebrate the Timkat festival. Here people gather to observe a game – whereby a person is blindfolded, spun around and challenged to hit a traditional coffee pot with a stick. It was hilarious to watch, and the crowd ooh-ed and ahh-ed in laughter and appreciation. I never saw anyone hit the coffee pot, which was tied to the crossbar of a football goal. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
Children having fun at a new playground built at a school in Uganda, 2017. Taken on assignment for Cotton On Foundation.
Julius is a proud teacher at Kamununku Primary school in Uganda. Taken on assignment for Cotton On Foundation.
Sra. Delio is a mother of six that lives in the rapidly-growing community of Nuevas Horizontes in Bolivia’s Beni region. An area of natural resource exploitation – the surrounding forests are rich in timber and prime grazing land. In order to reduce exploitation of the forest, local women have formed the Tres Palmas (three palms) cooperative in order to produce weavings from Jipi Japa (Cardulovica palmata). Sna. Delio specialises in weaving angels, mobiles and toys from the palm leaves – using designs inspired by the colours and shapes of nature. Taken on assignment for Conservation International. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
Enrique, a devout Catholic, is part of the Tacana people that live in the small community of Bella Altura, in the Bolivian Amazon. Traditionally hunters, fishers and subsistence agriculturalists, the traditional Tacana way of life is under threat from logging, agriculture and development in the region. Enrique is part of a cooperative of artisans that seek to use the forests resources sustainably, making and selling quality wood carvings in order to preserve their low-impact way of life. Taken on assignment for Conservation International. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
This lady, dressed in traditional Aymara clothing, doesn’t look too pleased with how the celebrations are going at a local festival in Apolobamba. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
Ethio-jazz legend Mulatu Astatke performs at the Ghion hotel in Addis Ababa. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
Ethiopian Orthodox priests welcome in Ethiopia’s new year (2007), in September 2013! Ethiopia uses a different calendar to the Gregorian one as used by much of the world – and it’s 7 years behind. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
Representatives of the Tsimané, Yuracaré, and Mojeño-Trinitario indigenous people and their supporters from across the country marched on La Paz in July 2012 in support of the TIPNIS National Park and Indigenous territory, which was under threat from government plans to extract fossil fuels and build roads. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
Policing a pro-TIPNIS march in Bolivia, 2012. Indigenous people marched to protect a national park and indigenous lands under threat from oil and gas developments. Copyright Tom Broadhurst.
A ranger monitoring a white rhino at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Uganda, 2017. Taken on assignment for Rhino Fund Uganda.
Dorcus manages the stores at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – supporting rhino conservation efforts. On assignment for Rhino Fund Uganda.